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Supplying These And Many Other Specialty Corrosion Resistant Materials

Fiberglass Products
(Pipe, Duct, Grating, Platforms, Special Fabrications)
Lined Piping Systems (PTFE, PVDF, & Polypropylene)
PTFE Linings & Coatings (Pipe - FM approved Duct - Tanks)
PTFE Lined Valves
(Ball, Plug, Butterfly, Ball Check, & Diaphragm)
Alloy Piping & Valves
(Titanium, Alloy 20, Hastelloy Zirconium, & Stainless)
Liquid Level Gages, Sight Flow Indicators, (Lined & Alloys)
Valve Automation (Pneumatic, Electric, & Hydraulic)
Glass Lined Pipe - Fittings - Valves - Reactor Accessories
Scrubber Systems (Alloy, FRP, Lined)
Thermal Oxidizers - Point Of Use
Plastic Pipe - Fittings - Valves - Accessories
(PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, & Kynar)



*Specialty Pipe And Fittings

--Resistoflex/Dow  PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PPL, Pipe and Fittings-Lined Carbon And/Or Stainless

 Conquest Flangeless Lined Systems

--Large Diameter Lined And/Or Coated Pipe Thru 30"

  Fiberglass Pipe And Fittings - 1"-84" Diameters - Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, Abrasion Resistant, And Ceramic Lined Products Available


--Duker  Glass Lined Pipe And Fittings, Reactor Accessories And Drain Valves

--Asahi  Compressed Air, Double Contained, And Ventilation Pipe And Duct

--Chemtrol  PVC, CPVC, PPL, And PVDF Pipe And Fittings
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--FRP Bridge Drain Pipe And Fittings

--PTFE Pipe And Fittings - 1/8" -3"

--VNE  And 
Bradford  High Purity Fittings And Accessories - Stainless Steel

--Titanium, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Zirconium, Stainless, Etc. Pipe And Fittings
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--Tefzel Coated Stainless Duct, UL Approved And Stainless Steel Coated Pipe

*Specialty Pipe And Fittings Accessories

--PTFE Lined And Covered Dip Pipes, Spargers, And Thermowells

--Lined Sight Flow Indicators And Liquid Level Guages
--Strainers - Metal, Plastic, Plastic Lined, And Fiberglass

-- Flowm
eters -  Asahi  Vortex, PFA, PVDF, PP, Paddle Wheel

--Hayward  Metal Strainers - Y Type And Basket Type - (New FRP)

--All Alloy Dip Pipes, Spargers, And Thermowells

*Lined Valves

--PFA And FEP Lined Plug Valves And Ball Valves

Richter  PFA And FEP Lined Ball Valves, Diaphragm Valves, And Ball Check Valves. Accessories Include Teflon Lined
   Strainers , Bottom Drain Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Stainless Steel Lined Valves, Sight Glasses, And Sampling Valves

ITT  Diaflo Lined Diaphragm Valves

Resistoflex  PTFE Lined Clamp Valves and Piston Check Valve

--ABZ  PTFE Lined Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--ABZ  Resilient Seated Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--UltraFlo  PTFE Lined Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--UltraFlo  Resilient Seated Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--Sure Seal  PFA And PTFE Lined Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--Sure Seal  Resilient Seated Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--Richter  PTFE Lined Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--Kitz  Resilient Seated Metal Body Butterfly Valves

--Garlock  PTFE Lined Ductile Iron Body, Wafer/Lug Designs-Composite Body Available

*Plastic Valves

--Hayward  Ball Valves, Ball Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Simplex/Duplex Strainers

--Chemtrol  Ball Valves, Ball Check Valves, Butterfly Valves

--Asahi  Diaphragm Valves, Ball Valves, Globe Valves, And Gate Valves

--Spears  Ball Valves, Ball Check Valves, Butterfly Valves

*Metallic Valves

--Kitz  Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Valves

--Kitz  Specialty Ball Valves High Alloy, Cryogenics

--Asco  2,3, And 4 Way Stainless Steel And Brass Solenoid Valves

--ITT  Camtite Top Entry Ball Valves - All Alloys

--ITT  Diaphragm Valves - All Alloys

--Gemu  Diaphragm Valves - All Alloys

--RFL  Alloy Plug And Ball Valves

--SS, CS Ball Valves, Gates, Globes, And Check Valves

--Triac  SS, CS Ball Valves Threaded, Flanged, 3-4 Way Designs, Tank Bottom - High Purity

--Habonim  Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Ball Valves, Gates, Globes, And Check Valves

--Sure Seal  High Performance Butterfly Valves
High Performace

*Valve Actuation

--Hytork  Pneumatic Rack And Pinion Actuators And Switches In House Actuation With Over 10,000 Valves To Actuator  

Remote Control Electric And Pneumatic Actuators

--Westlock  Switches

--Triac  Direct Mount Pneumatic And Electric Actuators With Ball Valves - Plug Valves Etc.

--Triac  Switches And Accessories

--Asahi  Pneumatic And Electric Actuators And Valves

Compact  Pneumatic Actuators, Stainless Enclosures, And Accessories

--Topworx  DXP Switches, Direct Mount Limit Switches, Go Switch, Fieldbus Networks (Profibus, Devicenet, And Devicenet Modbus, ASI foundation Fieldbus)

--Controlink  Plastic Or Epoxy Coated Aluminum Limit Switches, 3-15 PSI., 4-20 MA Positioners

*Safety Shields

--Ramco  PTFE, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Or PVC

--Galvanized Or Stainless Steel For Pipe And Fittings

--Valve Bonnet Shields - All Types And Sizes

--Expando Guards (For Expansion Joints) - See Thru Also Available

--New "Ramgard" Containment Shield With Alarm

--New "Econo Vue Gard" PVC Safety Shield - Polypropylene Vue Gard

*Fiberglass Grating, Platforms, Structurals

--  Molded Fiberglass Grating - All Sizes And Styles

--  Molded Fiberglass Stair Treads - All Sizes And Styles

--  Pultruded Fiberglass Grating, Phenolic Fire Retardent-All Sizes And Styles, Heavy Duty Fork Lift Grating

-- Pultruded Fiberglass Stair Treads - All Sizes And Styles

--Stair Tread Covers - Curb Angle - Platforms - Handrail - Ladders

--Structuals - I-Beams - Wide Beam - Angle - Bridge Beams

--Basic Shapes - Round Rod - Square Bar - Tube

--Fiberglass Sheet, Bolts, And Nuts -Safplank
--Hubbell Power Systems  Polycast Presloped Trench Drain Systems  

--  Fiberglass Baffle Panels

--FRP Cable Tray And Strut

* FRP Specialties

--FRP Tanks - Filament Wound, Hand Layup - Hoods, Vents, Ducts, Stacks

--Bridge Drain Systems - Bulkhead Fittings - Special Fabrication

--FRP Fume Scrubbers, Fans, Hand Lay-up Pipe And Fittings, Dampers

*Linings And Coatings - Fluorpolymers

--Electrochemical  Fluorpolymer Sheet Lining

--PTFE, PVDF, Halar, Polypropylene, Rubber Linings And Coatings

-- Lined Or Coated Columns, Reactors, Tank Trailers, Tote Tanks

-- Ruby Red PFA Coatings. Also Tefzel, PVDF, And Halar Coatings Applied On Agitators, Baffles, And Floors - On Site

--Acid Brick Work On Tanks And Floors - On Site

--Lined Tank And Column Repair - On Site U Crete Flooring
--Silverstone PTFE Coated Parts

*Chemical Equipment

--Graphite, Ceramic, And Alloy Heat Exchangers

--Lined Scrubber Systems

--Metal, Plastic, Fluoropolymer Lined Strainers

--Lined And Coated Tanks And Columns

--Thermal Oxidizers - Point Of Use Scrubbers - Scrubber Systems


--Fire Rated FM Approved Duct, Fluoropolymer Coated Stainless Steel

--Fiberglass Duct - Non Conductive - Fire Retardant - Smoke Retardant - Round - Square - All Diameters

*High Purity - Sanitary

--Asepco  Flush Mounted Tank Valves (Radial Diaphragm) Sanitary Through Aseptic In Stainless-AL6XN-Hastelloy

Asepco   All Valve Bodies And Actuators Electropolished; Clean, Self Draining-Assembly With Clamp

Asepco  Right Angle Process Valves, Polymixers, Tank Sample Valves, Satellite Valves, And Takeoff Valves

Lee industries  Highly Sanitary Ball Valves-T316SS-Flush Type-Two Way-Multi Port-Automatic, Fractional Sizes

Lee Industries  Aseptic-Clean In Place-Jacketed Diaphragm Valves Work In CIP Systems-3A-USDA Stainless Steel Sanitary

Lee Industries  Vacuum Pressure Vessels-Agitated Systems

--Lee Industries  High Shear Mixing Tanks-Processors
Lee Industries  Portable Tanks-Fermenters-Mixing Blenders

Lee Industries  Cook/Cool Tanks - Vacuum Pots - Manways - Kettles - Bioreactors  Custom Designs Available

--Sanimatic  COP Parts Washers-CIP Automatic Cleaning Of Process Equipment, Vat Washers-Portable Washers-Stock
   Washers-Washer Tunnels-Central High Pressure Systems-In Line Strainers, CIP Spray Components, Accessories,
   And Parts Basket

--Saint-Gobain  Pharmed Tubing For Peristaltic Pumps - UPS Class VI, FDA, & NSF

Saint-Gobain  Versilic High Strength Silicone Tubing 3350

--Saint-Gobain  Tygon High Purity Tubing 2228 - Pressure 2275IB

--Saint-Gobain  Tygon Plasticizer Free Tubing 2001

--Saint-Gobain  Tygon Laboratory Tubing R3603

--VNE  Stainless Steel T304 Or 316 High Purity Fittings - Meet All 3A Requirements. Clamp, Buttweld, I-Line, Tube OD,
   Biopharm, Fractional, Din, And Bevel Fittings

--VNE  Butterfly, Check, PVA, And Ball Valves

--Bradford Co.  A Variety Of Sanitary Fittings And Valves Including: Clamp, Bevel Seat, Buttweld, I-Line, Fractional,
   And Tube OD Fittings.

--Bradford Co.  Butterfly, Check, And Ball Valves

--Bradford Co.  Stainless Steel Pipe Hangers, Sight Glass, Custom Fabrications, And Polished Tube Also Available

--Resistoflex S1 - Brand Reinforced Silicone Hose - High Pressure 3A Standards. UPS Class VI-FDA ERF 177.2600, ISO 100993
   With Sanitary Tri-Clamp, I-Line, Bevel Seat, And Cam & Groove Fittings

--Triac  Series 77 316L Stainless " - 4" 3pc. High Purity Full Port Ball Valves With Direct Mount Actuation, 316L With Sanitary Clamp Or OD Ends, Cavity Filled Seats Available, 15 - 20 RA Finish

--Habonim  Series 84 " - 6" High Purity Ball Valve , High Polished 316SS, Hastelloy C, Alloy 20 Duplex 2250 With Extended
   Tube OD, Hygienic Clamp Ends - ASME BPE 1997, ANSI B16.34, 598 Hand, Gear, Actuated - 15 RA finish - Special Seats
   Available, Mechanical, Electropolished, Purge Ports, And Cavity Fillers Available

--Chem Flowtronics  PTFE Lined Relief Valves, Tank Windows, Chemical Mixers, Lab Equipment, Full View Sight Flows,  
   Column Components, And Vacuum Breakers

--Chem Flowtronics  CFL Series "Raimous" Lab Mixers - Dry Running Mechanical Seals, Air And Electric Motors, And
   Interchangeable Propellers

--Chem Flowtronics  Bio Process Reactors - 100 Liter Borosilicate With Titanium bottom Head With Internal Titanium
   Support Screen, 10 - 1,000 Liter Systems, Stainless High Temperature Roller Cart For Autoclave And Sanitary

--Chem Flowtronics  Bio Vessels 1 T0 1,000 Liter System, Borosilicate, Stainless Steel, PTFE, Alloy Construction, For
   Use In Autoclave

--Jogler  3A Approved Sanitary Sight Flow Indicator And Level Gauge


*Level Gauges

--Jogler  PFA Lined Or Borosilicate Liquid Level Gauges And Sight Flow Indicators - Single Or Tube Design - Mag Gauges

*Teflon Tape, Fabric, Belts, Roll Covers

--Saint Gobain  PTFE Coated Fiberglass Pressure Sensitive Tape, Kapton Tape

--PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric - PTFE Roller Tape

--PTFE Roll Covers (Dryer Cans & Slasher Cylinders)
--PTFE Coated Fiberglass Belts (Screen Print, Microwave)

*Teflon Gaskets

--Garlock  PTFE Gaskets - Ring Type, Full Face, V Type, Square Type

--Reactor Gaskets - Stress Saver Gaskets

--Garlock  Packings And Gasket Sheets (All Types)

*Lined Hose Assemblies

--PTFE Lined Chemical Transfer Hose, Chlorine And Bromine Hose, Smooth Bore, Convoluted - Dual Contained Teflon
   Lined - Truck/Rail Transfer - Sanitary - Tri Clamp Ends - Threaded Or Flanged - Lined Cam & Groove - Rubber Lined -
   PPL Covered - Stainless Steel Covered And Other Alloys

*Expansion Joints

--Resistoflex  PTFE Lined And Stainless Steel PTFE Lined


Mercer Rubber  PTFE And Rubber Expansion Joints

--Proco  Teflon And Rubber Expansion Joints

--Holz  Teflon And Rubber Expansion Joints


--Saint Gobain  Tygon Beverage Tubing - Pressure Tubing - Vacuum Tubing - Pharmed - Sanitary Silicon - High Purity -
   Chemical Resistant - Fuel And Lubricant - Polyurethane - PTFE - Red Rubber - Neoprene

--NewAge Industries  PVC, Polyethylene, Teflon, And Plastic Connectors, Clamps, Etc.

*Filter Media

--Centrifuge Liners And Bags - Dryer Bags - Disc Sector Bags - Horizontal Pan Covers - Press Cloths - Cartridges-  
   Filter Belts  Strainer Bags - Dust Bags - Vibrator Screens - Filter Paper - Flexible Connectors - Wire Cloth

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Quality Mission Statement
Our goal at Caroplast, Inc. is to provide our customers with 100% total quality. In pursuing this goal, we recognize that in order to
realize the total quality process, our products must be the most competitively priced and that we must go through the total quality process  regarding every aspect of the quotation, purchase order, receiving: shipping correctly "ON TIME" every time, and that each  and every aspect of the order is perfect in every regard. We will demand no less from the manufactures that we represent.

    1. We promise you our customer, that in performing TOTAL QUALITY we will listen carefully to exactly what your needs are and
        aggressively seek out ways to serve you.
    2. We will all contribute to this total effort, and each of us will do the very best that we possibly can to assure this higher level of
    3. We will train to be the very best QUALITY supplier for you.
    4. We will all work as a team to achieve excellence.
    5. We will remember that excellence is achieved by preventing problems rather than correcting them.

Your TOTAL SATISFACTION will be the measure of our success.

Company Profile
Started business in November of 1972. Service many fortune 500 companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, pulp and paper, textile, and power generation industries. Provide value to customers by providing 24 hour emergency service and high quality products. Full line of plastic lined piping systems, liquid level guages, fiberglass piping systems, fiberglass structural & grating, plastic piping systems, lined and unlined valves, actuation/automation, PTFE, PVDF, and polypropylene products, tygon tubing, reactor components, process equipment, alloy piping components, and custom fabrication available on all products. Head quarters located in Charlotte, North Carolina with branch offices located in Hopewell, Virginia and Savannah, Georgia.

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